Buyers age are 35-55, prefer to commute between homes

Two permanent homes instead of holiday accommodation. Preferably by the Mediterranean. This is of course due to digitalisation. The same behavior has Germans, French and Dutch who like to drive down to areas near Barcelona. If you invest in the right housing, there is no lack of demand when you sell.

The Nordic design is particularly sought after by foreign residents in Spain. And in coastal areas outside Barcelona, ​​22% of all residents are expats.

It is always possible to get a furnished home rented out quickly and expensively with a Nordic element in the design, as most homes rented out by Catalans have a heavy interior that is difficult to get used to. A home for rent in an attractive area costs about 13-30 € / sqm and month. And by that is meant building area, not living space.

North of Tarragona, Catalonia's largest winter meadow, DO area, the vineyards are close to the hills. The wildly beautiful DO areas Terra Alta and Priorat up on the heights are close. But the old rustic red wines have given way to new technology and the area near Tarragona literally spits out white light wines. Tarragona is 45 minutes from Sitges by car and there are (Renfe) trains that take you all the way to Passeig de Gracia in 1h 20min. Tarragona is known for its architecture and that Gaudi's father is for