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I want MY MINDSET to have an impact in reducing the carbon footprint. Our way is to identify scaleable existing solutions in companies and find an affordable place for them in another local environment, specifically the Barcelona region.

Issues like mobility, renewable energy, biodiversity and sustainable housing are areas familiar for most of us today and they are based in one core value; to stop climate change. This make us less willing to compete and more driven to co-create. I’m certain that Barcelona will attract urban Green-tech in this area. And that they manage to transform the city with smart green, healthy and car-free zones. An amazing journey!


We work in two areas, first; connecting nordic green-tech solutions to Barcelona developers. Second, we influence people to choose the sustainable way when buying their new home and we take that project forward to closure.

I believe we all need to cure climate anxiety, with self-medication. Move in to an area that does have a plan for sharing services or for solar energy. And influence others to switch to Low Carbon energy. And when you are still on the right track, put pressure on providers to produce, store and share your energy and other services with other communities.

If you can’t achieve this, which is likely, keep in touch with us and we keep you informed of the technology solutions that are in the loop at reasonable costs.

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